Have Your Story Told: Update from Nicole Troup’s Studio

“My Story” Project


My heart has been drawn to this particular art project for a while. This ongoing series will focuses on portraits of people and their stories that can encourage and inspire others. I hope to be able to feature a diverse and wide array of people giving them a voice that could speak hope and encouragment into others going through similar walks of life.

My vision for this project is to give everyone a chance to have their story told; stories they believe will help inspire someone one else; stories of sorrow, overcoming obstacles, illness or stories of hope, faith and endurance, etc… The project will include multiple series’ and each painting will be created in collaboration with an individual who wants to share their story.

Have Your Story Featured.

If you or someone you know has a story worth telling, message Nicole Troup your story via Facebook or Instagram and she will review it. Stories are shared on social media platforms and on her website.

Facebook: @nicoletroupmasterpiece

Instagram: @nicoletroupmasterpiece

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