Upcoming Home School Art Class! Ages 12-18yrs

DATE/TIME: Tuesdays, 2019-April 30, May 7, 14, 21, 
TIME: 1pm- 2:30pm
Students will work on 2 projects over the course of four weeks. For the first project students will draw a self portrait from life; learning the correct proportions, values, shading and blending techniques. Students will also learn how to create drawings by using 2-point and 3-point perspective. A brief art history lesson will be incorporated.
LOCATION: Nicole Troup’s Masterpiece Studio,
2470 Willamson Rd, Greencastle PA 17225
AGES: 12-18 years old
PRICE: $75 per child. $15 off discount for a total of 2 or more siblings. Sibling coupon code: artclass (1 coupon code per household). You can sign up even if your child will miss 1 or 2 classes, because MAKE-UP CLASSESare available.)
MATERIALS: All materials are provided

Sibling discount available! Register here: https: //nicoletroupmasterpiece.com/product/teenhomeschool/

Womens Month! Support Women Artists Everywhere.

The National Women’s History month amplifies women’s voices to honor the past, inform the present and inspire the future of women, including women in the arts.

As I continue the ongoing art series, the “My Story” project, I’ve been inspired to start a specific series that highlights the stories of women artists from the past and present and their valuable contribution to the art world. Most of the paintings will be created in collaboration with the artist and will use design and color in the background that reflects the artist’s work. For the first painting of the series I’m highlighting American abstract painter Kim Stadin. The background of this painting reflects the abstract lines and vivid colors she often uses in her work.

“My Story” Project: Women Artists Series
Kim Krawitz Stadin‘s Story

Kim Stadin Art is an American abstract artist and television producer living and working in New York. She graduated from Syracuse University and is currently a Producer with Dateline NBC.

Her work is characterized as being colorful, vibrant and captivating. She says it is a reflection of how she feels when she is painting.

“The world can be complicated at times. The events that surround us, that we hear about on the news, are often so dark and tragic. Those are often the stories I cover as a television producer. Painting gives me the opportunity to escape into my very own creative bubble, a fantasy of color, a place where I can use pure spontaneity. To me, color represents life and happiness. I use bold and bright colors to create art that brings a soothing flow of positive energy into any space in which it is placed. I’ve personally discovered that color can have a truly fascinating effect on our every day lives.”

You can purchase Stadin’s work here: www.kimstadin.com.

“Lady Artists” customized collection.

Celebrating National Women’s History month by introducing the “Lady Artists” customized collection. Whether you’re a professional artist or hobbyist, this makes a great custom gift for any aspiring artist! Purchase in the gift shop.


Nicole collaborated with Michael Shannon to help raise awareness for Angels of East Africa. Shannon attended the Angels of East Africa Gala, November 2016 and graciously allowed his portrait to be painted by Nicole Troup to raise funds.

Nicole Troup with actor Michael Shannon at the Angels of East Africa Gala, November 4, 2017




Angels of East Africa is a non-profit aid organization established to provide a better future for orphaned children of war in southern Sudan (and Eastern Africa). Angels of East Africa (AOEA) was founded in 1998 by Sam Childers, AKA, Machine Gun Preacher, who has rescued over 1500 orphaned children from starvation, disease and enslavement by brutal rebel armies in South Sudan.

*To learn more about Angels of East Africa and to donate,

go to www.machinegunpreacher.org