“Wow! It’s beautiful! I am so honored and grateful. Thank you so much!”
-Madeline Carroll

Collaboration with actress Madeline Carroll to raise awareness and funds for Angels of East Africa. Featured in the New York RESIDENT MAGAZINE.




“I love it! Thank you.”
-Titus O’Neil (WWE wrestler)

Collaboration with WWE wrestler Titus O’Neil to raise awareness and funds for Family Life Todayan organization that focuses on family and parenthood providing multiple resources that help people build stronger homes and communities.




Collaboration with actor Michael Shannon to raise awareness for Angels of East Africa




“It looks great! And it looks like me. Thank you for doing this.”
-Sam Childers known as Machine Gun Preacher

Collaboration with the Machine Gun Preacher to raise awareness for Angels of East Africa




Collaboration with actor Alan Cumming to raise funds for Angels of East Africa




Painting collaboration with actress Erica Ash. Featured in the New York Resident Magazine