“Break Free” acrylic on canvas

        Every print sold of the painting “Break Free” raises money for women rescued from human trafficking around the world. Not only does this painting signify freedom from human trafficking, but it also relates to everyday women and the invisible chains in our own lives that keep us from being free such as: unforgiveness, addiction, bitterness, insecurity, fear, eating disorders and the list goes on. Let this painting encourage you to allow God help you break your own chains.

Fine art prints and notecards of this image sold will benefit three organizations:
1) A21: national organization doing amazing things to fight human trafficking,
2) Truth Home: a recovery home for sexually exloited women in Pennsylvania.

3) She’s Somebody’s Daughter: An organization birthed in Harrisburg, PA.  They reach out to women in the strip club industry, make relationships with them, and hope to help rescue them from that lifestyle.



“Charmaine” acrylic on canvas

Charmaine is a rescued victim from human trafficking in the Philippines. Nicole painted her portrait for a national traveling art exhibit launched in 2015 called The Freedom 58 Project. The exhibit is still traveling around the US telling the stories of victims rescued all over the world from a multi-billion dollar industry.


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