In my own life, I have witnessed people close to me who have struggled with so many things such as suicide, divorce, addiction, cancer, illness, or even such things as self-doubt, insecurity, depression, fear, anger, hopelessness etc. But we often face life believing the lie that we are the only one.

My heart has been drawn to this particular art project for a while. This ongoing series will focus on portraits of people and their incredible stories that can encourage and inspire others. I hope to be able to feature a diverse and wide array of people giving them a voice that could speak hope and encouragment into others going through similar walks of life. Some of these stories may include:

– bitterness transformed into love and forgiveness

-overcoming challenges or fear that holds you back in life

-tragedy and the loss of a loved one

-finding unity among diversity and hate


– illness or disability

-stories of those who rose above or turned their lives around after addiction, imprisonment, human trafficking, the adult industry, etc.

-faith journeys with God

-stories of those who were in a dark place, but rose above their circumstances

My vision for this project is to give everyone a voice who has a story that they believe will help someone. Each painting will be created in collaboration with an individual who wants to share their story.