My Story Project: “Hereos From Our Town” Series

“Heroes From Our Town” Community Project

In my own life, I have witnessed people close to me struggling with suicide, relationship problems, drugs, depression, cancer, illness etc… but we often face life believing the lie that we are the only one struggling.

As an artist I felt God has put it on my heart for a while to create an art series called “HEROES FROM OUR TOWN”, that would feature portraits of people from our community (children or adults in Franklin County/Tri-State) and their stories. The portraits will be of people who are regarded as a hero by their family, friends or community, because they have exhibited extraordinary strength and faith or have risen above hardships from either tragedy, depression, insecurities, marital problems, military service, drug addictions, illness, disabilities, cancer, divorce, abortion, abuse, imprisonment or any hardship for that matter.

IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS A STORY contact me (the person can be living or have passed away) and then we’ll schedule a 15 minute photoshoot at my home studio in Greencastle, PA.  All of the paintings will be painted in black and white paint. Every week I’ll feature a new portrait accompanied with the person’s story and posted on my social media pages in order to encourage others going through similar walks of life. When all the portraits are finished I’ll have a local opening art show featuring each portrait with their stories. Please share this to your social media and help spread the word.

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