Mentorship Program




Mentorship Level 1 ($45)

With mentorship level 1 email Nicole one image of a painting or drawing that you have been working on.  After she have reviewed the artwork she will make notes on the the image where your strengths are and where corrections or improvements need to be made. Nicole will then email the image back with the notes and helpful references.

*Scheduling will take place on an individual basis.

Mentorship Level 2 ($75)
If you would like to be mentored by artist Nicole Troup, this purchase entitles you to two professional critique sessions during Skype. You can email Nicole Troup up to 4 images of paintings/drawings that you have been working on. After she reviews the images she will schedule two separate 25 minute critique sessions via Skype or in person in you live locally in Franklin County, PA.  During the sessions we will discuss:
  • Practical solutions to some of the challenges you are facing in the composition.
  • Use of values, edges, and line quality.
  • shading and contrast
  • Overall design/conception
  • Unity and light effect.
  • Color
  • techniques

Sessions are scheduled after the purchase is made and are only weekdays. Scheduling will take place on an individual basis.

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