“Harley” Print


14 inches by 11 inches

Printed on quality heavy weight acid-free matte paper.

Signed and dated by artist Nicole Troup for authenticity. Matte and frame not included.

Shipping available as well as pickup in Greencastle, PA.  Please allow up to 10 days for shipping and handling. Shipped in a tube package.



“My Story” Project: Harley Thompson’s Story
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“Though this isn’t my life’s testimony, it is an important chapter that mustn’t be skipped over.

I grew up in a traditional Catholic household where religion was greater than relationship. I was terrified of God and misunderstood Him. All I knew was that I was to love Him and His Son, Jesus. So I did, even though I didn’t exactly know why I should. I held onto that simple Love throughout my growing years, in every dark corner that I hid. I remember any time I heard screaming, I would kneel beside my bed and pray. I didn’t know if I was praying correctly, and I barely knew who I was speaking to. But it just felt right.

As a child, my dad was my best friend. We did everything together. He was THE people-person, he knew just how to talk to anyone. He held a secret though. Behind locked doors, he allowed intoxication to blind his reality. Eventually those doors unhinged and soon enough my favorite man became my enemy. There were many factors on both ends leading to the divorce of my parents, but his alcoholism was surely a major one. So in 2005 my family joined the statistic of many crumbled American families.

In 2006, I moved in with my mom, where throughout the years my dad would call less and less and each conversation was either fake or an argument. I slowly started to define myself by the many words daughters should never hear from their fathers. This led to a lot of mistakes and failures on my part from a broken heart. I convinced myself that I hated him.

One Sunday in 2009, a friend invited me to a church located in a movie theater and I reluctantly agreed to go. I walked in with all my preconceived ideas on religion but was quickly shocked by the genuine joy that consumed me. The service began with the band playing contemporary Christian songs. Then it hit me right in the center of my chest as a familiar song started, “I Can Only Imagine.” I had no words in my head but those of the song, and all I could feel was an overwhelming warmth I’ve never felt before. In that moment, I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. From then on, I grew a relationship with Jesus and the Word.

In September 2012, my mom suddenly passed. My dad had a very brief moment of empathy, which then quickly turned to greed and malice. He told me I was the reason my mother died. That the stress I caused her had killed her. Those words cut like a knife. I looked back to our many daddy/daughter days and allowed those words to have meaning. When in all reality, he hadn’t been around in more than six years. The last time I even seen my dad was when I was 12. I was then 18 and so much time and life had passed, so much heart change was made. He had no idea who I was. He had no idea I had been praying for him my whole life.

This story is not about all my dad has done but all God has done and continues to do in my life. Because of that, because of God’s unfailing love for me, at the age of 21, I wrote my dad a letter re-introducing myself. And I forgave him. I forgave him for all the pain he had instilled for many years, not out of pity or a forceful nature either. God had done so much good to me, in me, and through me that I had to finally cut ties with the hatred in my heart. God did not deserve that. He wanted ALL of me and would only have a fraction if I hadn’t forgave my dad. And with that, now we talk often, it’s great actually. Only with the love of Jesus, I never ceased praying for the person who hurt me most. I can now admit, I truly love my dad, all thanks to my Everlasting Father.”

-Harley Thompson

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