“Joel Fridgen” print


14 inches by 11 inches (you can request a smaller size if desired)

Printed on quality heavy weight acid-free matte paper.

Signed and dated by artist Nicole Troup for authenticity. Matte and frame not included.

Pick up in Greencastle, PA is available as well as shipping. Please allow up to 10 days for shipping and handling. Shipped in a tube package.




Joel Fridgen’s story nominated by Lisa and Thaddeus Fridgen

Joel Fridgen, a Greencastle resident since 1996, suffered a major stroke on April 24, 2015. At this time, he was still serving as Executive Director of the Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce and was also in his final year as a Lutheran seminary student at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. He was airlifted to York Hospital and remained there for several days while his family was unsure if he would make it through alive.

Fortunately, his conditioned stabilized enough and he was transferred to Chambersburg Hospital in early May where he started an intensive acute therapy regimen. His strength was improving and he was communicating again in short sentences, though he struggled with aphasia and right-sided weakness and paralysis. After many arduous and tiring weeks, he was transferred to a nursing facility in mid-June to continue with rehab in the hopes of returning home.

After months away, he eventually did return home, needing constant care and help with all daily activities. In February 2016, however, he was showing signs of other health concerns and was taken to the ER only to find out that he had a mini stroke, and could have had others. For the next few months, Joel was in and out of nursing facilities for care and rehab and is now currently living in assisted living for full-time care. He never completed his dream of finishing seminary school and preaching God’s Word to others as a full-time Pastor, and will most likely never return home. His aphasia has worsened and he is now unable to walk at all. Joel’s struggles could make anyone in his shoes bitter, mean, and resentful.

However, despite all of this adversity, he still lights up every time he gets to see his family and has always been a blessing to those who have the pleasure of knowing and loving him. I remember the Joel who would call us on our birthday, want to bake Christmas cookies when we were around for the holidays, talk about the Minnesota Vikings with his sons; the Joel who was and continues to be kind, thoughtful, gentle, and loving. Despite all of his many struggles, Joel has never complained, never lamented ‘why me?’. On behalf of his entire family, I wanted the community to know that he is a beautiful soul and deserves to be recognized for his relentless strength, unconditional love, and commitment to Christ.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 3 × 3 in

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